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Week of: November 8, 2021

Here is what is happening in commodities this week:

Lumber….. Order Files vary from late November to early December.  Mills are doing their best to hold levels, but inquiries have slowed somewhat leaving mills open to counters to move floor stock.

Watch for this trend to continue as many yards have stock to cover November and will wait to see if the mills will blink before months end. It is rumored duties will be increased to 10%, will there be a Canadian discount?

Will the market absorb duties? Or is there a bigger correction coming. Weather has been good, and wood is flowing out of yards so it will be interesting to see how this shakes out over the next couple of weeks.

OSB…… Order Files are early December for most with one manufacturer showing wood for next week, we have seen some correction in pricing since this time last week. Demand is ok but is there enough take away to support current levels? Time will tell.

Plywood ….. No Changes again this week. Mills had a good week into eastern Canada last week and have been able to extend order files into Mid December on Vans. Depending on what thickness you need some stock can be shipped Nov 22 week on S/B into Western Canada.  Don’t expect any changes next week as there is balance between production and take away.

Talk again next week,