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Here is what is happening in commodities this week.

Lumber…..remains active, order files are late Jan to early Feb. Many items are tough to find and prices continue to climb. Random Print has been jumping in 30-50/m increments for the last few weeks.

Watch for lumber to continue to appreciate  as demand is outpacing supply.

Plywood…….Most mills remain off market this week. As mentioned in previous messages mills are controlling order files better than they did in the spring and do not want to get to far out. Trucking is a big problem and many loads are running 3-4 weeks late.

Stock remains tight in the field and it appears that there will not be relief anytime soon. Prices will be up once mills come back on market, stay tuned as to how much?

OSB….order files are late Jan to early Feb. There is just not much wood to buy on a cash basis and mills have been able to attain huge premiums to their contract prices.

Watch for prices to continue to climb as folks scramble to buy what little supply there is to be had.

The US and Canadian markets has been very strong to start the year on all product segments and with supply chain issues that we are experiencing right now 2022 is setting up to as crazy as 2021 was.