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Good Day,

Here is what is happening in commodities this week.


Lumber…….There are a few things going on in lumber this week. Some mills have longer order files and are holding their prices.

Some have a few items for prompt and may listen to counters. Some secondaries have some well-priced wood bought that they are selling below mill replacement and other secondaries who are trying to entice orders by shorting the market. All of this makes for a very confused market.

At the end of the day higher fuel prices, shipping problems, strong demand in the field and of course the onset of the better weather will help keep the market buoyant. So we may see a dip in lumber prices but a crash is not very likely.

Plywood…….Once again this week not much change in plywood. Order files are late April or early May and pricing has been flat.

Shipping has improved into some zones but others are still running 6-8 weeks behind.

OSB…….A quieter tone to OSB this week. Loads that have been delayed are landing in yards and demand has slowed. Pricing is also off with loads trading hands from net to plus 3%. Order files are Mid to Late April but allow another 2 weeks for delivery.