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Good Day,
Here is what is happening in commodities this week.


With the WRLA, lack luster for any lumber buyers, it was good to see people. A few drinks and some laughs. The lumber market is still on a slippery slope, mills list prices notching down with print but, the counters coming into them are heavy between 300-350/m……depending on items.  I can say there is some pent-up demand to buy, but retailers are still waiting on the sidelines. We have had few sales, just guys that have a need for prompt loads to fill in, I don’t see anything happening for the balance of the week. Even with the Canfor announcement last week, it did not spark any buying in the market. When the market does turn, everyone will try to fit though the keyhole at the same time. Guys are looking for triple digits but where in the triple digit world. The US market talk is that they are still very busy, so there is also pent-up demand to buy. I feel that they are just getting caught up on late shipments which is delaying any buys and they will wait it out. The mills will start calling to fill empty cars and we will see what that brings to the market.


With mills just catching up on shipments, we’re now receiving loads from February orders. Mills are quoting with a little discount to print for May delivery. Wholesalers are selling at print or even a small discount, to keep plywood moving as the inventory rolls in. So, proceed with caution, you can get quicker shipping wood from wholesalers.



Same issue on osb, proceed with caution, mills are quick delivery and contracts are backing up at wholesale level. With plywood cheaper on the thins, osb should be correcting to find a trading level.

Have a great day and happy selling.