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With the Montreal wood convention, it has been a little quiet in the market. The major producers are taking heavy counters in the Canadian market. Nobody taking a position, just covering immediate needs. There is opportunity out there to cut a good deal if yards are willing to risk it. With the US Memorial Day holiday next week, I expected the US market to be in covering shorts, but if they are…..not enough to cause any ripples. Maybe next week??? Some upward motion in futures due to US interest rates. Some retailers waiting to see US sales reports after the long weekend to help them judge the market.


Panel report has been unchanged for many weeks, we should see that correct itself as mills have little sales, and prompt wood. There are some heavy discounts to print, wholesalers are backing up on contract wood.  We have seen sales anywhere from 10-15% discount. Eastern Canada should be getting close to buying, so that may help get to some solid levels.


Weyerhaeuser reported some activity US and Canadian prairies but selling at a discount to print. The fire at Tolko HP may have them off the market for up to a month but didn’t have any effect on osb pricing. Norboard and Lp have been in the market recently, so that will pick up any lack of supply in the market.

Good luck out there, prices are all over the place!